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An express manicure perfect for when you need manicured hands but no time for the extras or when you need a cuticle clean up before your gel polish. 

Basic Nail Care Regimen ~ 2 Minute Lotion Massage
$20 w/Reg. Polish
$45 w/Gel Polish


Treat your hands to a relaxing aromatherapy manicure. Ease stress, boost relaxation and mood with the use of essential oils.

Nail Care Regimen ~ Exfoliating Scrub ~ 
5 Minute Lotion Massage ~
Shea Butter Glove ~ Warm Towel.
$30 w/Reg. Polish
$55 w/Gel Polish


A golden illuminating manicure infused with sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Designed to deeply condition and refine the skin leaving a healthy glow. 

Nail Milk Bath ~ Nail Care Regimen ~ Exfoliating Sugar Scrub ~ 10 Minute Lotion Massage ~ Moisturizing Mask ~ Collagen Glove ~ Warm Mittens.
$40 w/Reg. Polish
$65 w/Gel Polish.


Champagne & Rose is a very hydrating collection. It restores the water lipid layer to the skin, increasing the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cells.

Nail Bath ~ Nail Care Regimen ~ Exfoliating Scrub ~ 15 Minute Lotion Massage ~ Hand Mask ~ Warm Mittens ~ Collagen Gloves
$55 w/Reg.Polish
$75 w/Gel Polish

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